RCA-7: Storage Latency issue on vCenter Infra

Host Name: esx-icpmcc00305


Datastore Name                   

 naa / t10 / eui ID                   

Volume UUID                         



Number Path  








EMC Fibre Channel






    • From the VOBD Logs we can see that the issue started with Power-On Reset started happening on EUI.65a29ccb3448125bfb4d0d770*****04.


2019-02-13T02:16:38.187Z: [scsiCorrelator] 11662981439480us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] Power-on Reset occurred on eui.65a29ccb3448125bfb4d0d770*****04

2019-02-13T02:18:24.372Z: [scsiCorrelator] 11663087623696us: [vob.scsi.scsipath.por] Power-on Reset occurred on eui.65a29ccb3448125bfb4d0d770*****04
2019-02-13T02:18:24.373Z: [scsiCorrelator] 11663127568230us: [esx.problem.storage.connectivity.devicepor] Frequent PowerOn Reset Unit Attentions are occurring on device eui.65a29ccb3448125bfb4d0d770*****04. This may indicate a storage problem. Affected datastores: “ICP_VSI_****_009_SI_125b_0d77_N_G”.





    • At the time Mentioned we are only able to see 1 Event


2019-02-13T12:36:00.270Z cpu21:33716)ScsiDeviceIO: 2354: Cmd(0x412eccb81340) 0x85, CmdSN 0x4c2c from world 34501 to dev “naa.61866da06e702c00210c7ebc*****c59” failed H:0x0 D:0x2 P:0x0 Valid sense data: 0x5 0x20 0x0.

    • From the VMKernel logs we can see the issue with the IO-Error after which a power-on reset happened:


2019-02-13T02:16:38.187Z cpu36:33502)WARNING: [11662981441] IO-ERROR comb: 295f00020015. offsetInComb 352. SizeInLB 1. SDS_ID 116891ed00000002. Comb Gen 29. Head Gen 9e87.
2019-02-13T02:16:38.187Z cpu36:33502)WARNING: Vol ID 0xfb4d0d7700000004. Last fault Status IO_FAULT_NOT_PRI(12).Last error Status IO_FAULT_DEVICE_ERROR(362) Reason (old SCSI gen without retry) Retry count (0) chan (2)
2019-02-13T02:16:38.187Z cpu36:33502)scini: blkScsi_PrintIOInfo:3274: ScaleIO R2_01:hCmd 0x412ecd626440, OpCode 0x89, rc 51 scsiStat 2, senseCode 6, asc 41, ascq 2


2019-02-13T02:16:38.187Z cpu36:33502)NMP: nmp_ThrottleLogForDevice:2457: Cmd 0x89 (0x412ecd626440, 32813) to dev “eui.65a29ccb3448125bfb4d0d770*****04” on path “vmhba32:C0:T4:L4” Failed: H:0x0 D:0x2 P:0x0 Valid sense data: 0x6 0x29 0x2. Act:NONE


2019-02-13T02:16:38.187Z cpu36:33502)ScsiDeviceIO: 2331: Cmd(0x412ecd626440) 0x89, CmdSN 0x8c5a3b from world 32813 to dev “eui.65a29ccb3448125bfb4d0d770*****04” failed H:0x0 D:0x2 P:0x0 Valid sense data: 0x6 0x29 0x2.


2019-02-13T02:16:38.187Z cpu36:33502)ScsiCore: 1486: Power-on Reset occurred on eui.65a29ccb3448125bfb4d0d770*****04



    • Unable to find any events on Host name : esx-icpmcc00314 and esx-icpmccd00648 at the time mentioned.




    • At the time mentioned in the last email which is 12:20 am GMT we were not able to find any events associated to Esxi.
    • However if we see the events around 2:00 AM we can say that SAN might become heavily congested, which can cause I/O requests to take a long time to complete. The virtual machine storage performance is degraded.




Because the messages are caused by activity on the array outside of the ESX host’s scope, the storage administrator should use storage-specific tools to isolate the cause of the problem.

For More information please refer: https://kb.vmware.com/kb/1020702







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