WinDBG Command Introduction: Windows Debugging Part 3

Basic Windows Debugging WinDBG Commands Introduction

Please note that this is the 3rd Article under the Basic Windows Debugging. Previous Articles are:

While using WinDBG you can use three different types of Commands.

  1. Regular Commands
  2. Meta Commands which start with Dot Commands
  3. Extension Commands

Let’s understand more about these Commands Types as the understanding of this is important while moving further with the commands:

Regular Commands:

These are the inbuilt commands which are executed by the Debugger.



List the Threads


List the status of Process being Debugged


Display the Call Stacks


Meta Commands which start with Dot Commands:

These commands generally control the behavior of the Debugger. They generally start with (.).



Command Clears the WinDBG Screen


The command automatically sets the symbol path to point to the Microsoft symbol store


Extension Commands:

These are the commands used by the Debugger Extension, which can be either developed by Microsoft or even by 3rd Party Developers to ease their Debugging Process.


One of the Best Examples for this is !analyze which is an Extension command. One another Example is !Mex which is a Debugger Extension and we will be learning how to use this in Future Articles.

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