Upgrading Telco Cloud Automation using SSH

In this article we are going to explore another way to update Telco Cloud Automation Appliance using command line.

Upgrade Steps

  • Do this for every TCA-M and TCA-CP
  • SSH to TCA / TCA-CP via admin
    ssh admin@TCA_IP
  • Provide admin password

Browse to /tmp and download the upgrade bundle

cd /tmp
  • Replace Build Link accordingly
  • Or SCP the builds to /tmp manually
  • Untar the upgrade bundle
tar -xvzf /tmp/<UPGRADE_BUNDLE_FILE>
  • Switch to root to upgrade
  • Provide root password
cd /tmp
  • Run upgrade
./vsm-upgrade.sh image/<DIST_FILE_NAME_BEGINS_WITH_VMware-Telco-Cloud-Automation>
  • Upgrade procedure takes around 5 minutes.
  • Post that system will automatically reboot
  • Give the system another 5 minutes for all the services to come back online


Ashutosh Dixit

I am currently working as a Senior Technical Support Engineer with VMware Premier Services for Telco. Before this, I worked as a Technical Lead with Microsoft Enterprise Platform Support for Production and Premier Support. I am an expert in High-Availability, Deployments, and VMware Core technology along with Tanzu and Horizon.

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